Friday, September 30, 2011


Yesterday's blog post "That's Baseball" chronicled a historic day in sports.  It also WAS a historical event.  I began writing LIFE MATTERS on March 3, 2009  There have been 568 posts in that time.  With this post the 15,000th and 15,000st persons  viewed LIFE MATTERS.

This was the entire text of that first post: My purpose has not changed three years later.

Many people think Christians have closed minds, more concerned with being the moral police than good neighbors. I believe that Christians are called to reflect the character of Christ--which means that loving God and loving my neighbor are two sides of the same coin. Rather than exhibiting a closed mind, it is important for me to possess the mind of Christ. The Christ portrayed in the Gospels possessed clarity and a deep commitment to the truth. That meant that he was open to people's questions and even taught the truth by asking questions, not merely making pronouncements. A mind committed to knowing and living by the truth is essential to being a genuine Christ follower. Having a mind assumes that you are required to think, ask questions, reflect, and respond. It also implies that your actions and values are the result of well-examined, open-minded (to the truth) conviction. As a sign I once saw on a campus minister's door proclaimed: JESUS CAME TO TAKE AWAY YOUR SINS, NOT YOUR MIND. (I welcome your questions and conversations at

My purpose has not changed three years later. - Steve

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