Sunday, August 14, 2011


One of the blogs I periodically read is called Alan’s Corner.  Several months ago he posted an article by the title, “Where Have I Seen Jesus Lately?”  He opened his post with these lyrics:
Some day you’ll come, darkness will cease.
True light will dawn, everyone will then see.
Everything new, we’ll finally see you.
Awaiting that day, searching for more.
While all along you are
found with the poor.
Help me to see that you’re all around me…

Our praises arise.
As we come to recognize.
Jesus is near.
Glory is here.
Glory is Here”, Michael Gungor Band
As a Christian, I believe Jesus is near.  Nearer, in fact, than most of us think.  Already his glory is reflected in many ways. So, where have I seen Jesus lately?
I have seen Jesus in the heart and the worship of my wife Dianne.  She so very much loves Jesus. Worship is part of her heartbeat and when she leads worship, she helps others know clearly that Jesus is near, glory is here.
That love of Jesus that is evident when she worships has a powerful way of overflowing into the lives of others, especially when Dianne is worshiping by serving Jesus.  She is a teacher with a particular heart for special needs children. Many a child who is at risk or requires early intervention or deals with autism or behaviorial issues has found an advocate and a friend in Dianne. Many of the regular staff members she comes alongside of have found that love of Jesus translated into a love and heart for them.
I have seen Jesus in a friend named Lynda, who simply has a heart that people give their hearts and lives to Christ. A woman of great artistic creativity, who has know many personal challenges in her life has long ago set aside her agenda just to be a willing worker for God. More than once I have observed her go the second mile, step out of her comfort zone, risk being hurt even because she just wants people to find the peace of Jesus Christ.
I have seen Jesus in two of the willing workers of the church I serve, Dave and Donna. My first real encounter was when I asked Donna to help with refreshments for a conference and discovered Dave was the menu planner. Early each Sunday they are on duty at the church to greet people as they arrive (and that’s after they’ve made sure the church is ready and any last minute detail for Pastor Steve has been cared for).  From watching over senior citizens, to getting down on the ground playing crazy games with the children at Vacation Bible School, to know becoming caring adult friends of the little preschoolers in our Sunday School, making the church a safe and welcoming place for those little lives.  That’s where I have seen Jesus lately.
This is fun!  There are whole lot more evidences.  I will continue this post in future posts.
In the mean time, I would love your comments about where you have seen Jesus lately. – Steve

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