Monday, March 4, 2013



A few days ago USA Today published this picture of a school teacher learning how to handle a gun.  I understand she is involved in this training in response to an initiative to permit schoolteachers to take firearms into their classroom to protect themselves and their students.

Does this image disturb you in any way?  It does me.  It's one in a long line of suggestions that say we handle the impact of a culture enamored with violence with make guns an even more prominent factor in dealing with life.  Again, without asking the question, "How does this affect our children?"  Will children feel secure knowing that the same lady who reads to them Green Eggs and Ham is ready and able to blow away any intruder that enters the classroom? Or will the reality that having an armed teacher add to the fear factor that is already far too prevalent and destructive?  And how long before a harried, overworked teacher loses track of his or her gun and an inquisitive 3rd grader who is already energized by guns from the playing their parents video games--and picks up the gun --- and pulls the trigger?

There MUST be better solutions. There MUST !!!!!!!!!

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