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Phil and Lindsay Schiavoni--new parents June 12, 2014

Two dear friends became parents yesterday - for the first time. Kaylee Joy, 7 lbs., 19 3/4 inches came into the world of Phil and Lindsay Schiavoni. I cannot imagine two better persons to be parents.  Kaylee will be truly blessed.

Sunday will be Phil's first Father's Day and as his pastor and friend, I am going to presume to give him some counsel. I am sure he won't mind you over-hearing.

"Phil, I suspect this is an awesome morning for you.  Kaylee and Lindsay probably came home yesterday and I suspect you didn't get much sleep.  (Keeping up with Facebook greetings kept you busy before that).  I imagine Lindsay already misses the nursing staff of the hospital.  It's on you now, brother. Actually, a whole lot will be on you for at least the next 20 years. If Kaylee is as creative and crazy as you can be, you may be gray by then--but it'll be good gray.

You don't know enough yet to be a success at this new gig--but you know the One Who does.  Keep close to God and pray for wisdom every day.  Pray for the love you need for Kaylee, but that'll come easy.  Pray for your daughter that she will grow into the person God created her to be.  Pray for you and Lindsay both that you will be guided by God's vision.  That really is at the heart of Solomon's counsel in Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way (she) should go."  It is founded on God's values and vision, but the scriptures are equally clear that we are unique individuals with different giftings and callings.  Don't just teach her morals and good behaviors--teach her how to discover the masterpiece God is making of her.  And even when she seems to be different from you, be more concerned that she is like her Heavenly Father.

Love Kaylee--but love Lindsay more.  Do I need to say more?

Always see her as God's child entrusted into your care so that she can learn of God's love.  Model for her the values that she needs to be a Christ follower.  Be ready to answer, "Why?"  It's not rebellion, it's just her way of learning.  And make sure Jesus is no stranger in your home.

You have the prayers and support of Dianne and I, your church, your family, and your friends.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.

That's enough.  God will show you the rest in His time.

Your brother and friend, 


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