Thursday, June 8, 2017


By Steve Dunn

Watching the news lately, I have grown tired, very tired.  I am tired of ….

Politicians who demonize people and political positions with which they disagree.
Politicians who spin or even ignore the truth that is inconvenient to them but who insist on
  accountability and even punishment for others who do the same.
Politicians who believe that they are above the need for civility and respect towards others.
Politicians who demand absolute conformity and support from people who work for them even
   when they are wrong.
Politicians who put their mouth in motion before their mind is in gear.
Politicians who don’t know when to simply keep their thoughts to themselves
Politicians who worship political correctness but who believe people who do not agree with
   their definition should ostracized.
Politicians who believe that character is a private matter.
Politicians who do not know how to choose their battles.
Politicians who believe people should never question their motives or integrity.
Politicians who believe they are always right.

Political supporters who support these “leaders” unquestioningly and pounce on those who dare to question their pet politician.
Political supporters who always assume the other side is lying. 
Political supporters who justify these actions by saying the other side does it, too.

Neither these political leaders nor their uncritical supporters do our nation a service.


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