Tuesday, April 1, 2014



The sun came out in central Pennsylvania (as it did across much of the US).  It was a good thing, for it was Opening Day for baseball. Finally !!! My day was helped immeasurably by Alex Gonzales' 
walk-off single in the bottom 9th to give the Tigers a 4-3 victory over Kansas City.  It was tough to lose the ALCS to the Red Sox last year and I for one, have been waiting less and less patiently for this season to begin.

I think the NCAA is reaching its Final Four (but my brackets there were busted the first week) and the NBA is heading to its play offs (to which I say, "Ho hum!:)  Football is trying to gear things up with the college draft--but that will meaning nothing until after baseball passes its All Star Break.   

I understand that this year the highest ticket and beer prices are in Fenway Park.  I don't drink beer and I'm not planning any pilgrimage to Boston, so I'll live.  Feeling for the Texas Rangers whose pitching staff seem to have made a mass exit onto the DL,  but not too much since they now own one of my favorite ex-Tigers, Prince Fielder.

I managed to trade a twelve year old in my fantasy league to get the Tigers pitching staff, but I suspect Elijah will bounce back. He is still aggressively trading and mines that free agent waiver wire daily.  My really loaded team in another league barely got a hit on opening day.  That would make for a long season.

Today I am going to make my preseason picks:  AL EAST-Red Sox  AL CENTRAL-Tigers AL WEST-Angels  WILD CARDS - Royals, Rays  NL EAST - Nationals  NL CENTRAL -Cardinals NL WEST - Dodgers WILD CARDS - Reds, Pirates  AL - Tigers NL -Pirates WORLD CHAMPS-Tigers

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