Monday, December 4, 2017



This is a tumultuous Christmas season.  In addition to the rampant debate over consumerism and the rampant consumerism itself, the daily violence and terror on the planet, the outing of sexual misconduct in the entertainment world, the battles over Russian emails, the candidacy of Roy Moore, and the political maneuvering over the Republican tax bill -- even the "goodwill stories" are being drowned out.

A couple of days ago after initiating a Facebook debate over a political matter and noting how many of these debates were dominating Facebook, I sensed the Lord giving me some instructions.  As a result, this is what I posted next:

Short of a major politically cataclysmic event I plan on not participating in any more political debates on FB through Christmas. I have decided to not let the unreasonable passions and thoughtless posts of so many and the vitriol of others to interfere with being Christ to my neighbor this Christmas season. Instead of focusing on the people in the seats of power I will spend my prayers and energy on the poor, the oppressed, the hurting, etc. - i.e., the least, the last and the lost. Enough said.

What does this mean?  It means I will take my eyes off of Washington and set my eyes on the streets around my home and my church.  I spend my time seeking to listen to the stories of those who struggle in this life and wrestle with life's challenges.  I will spend my time praying for them and where God prompts try to be part of His blessing to my neighbor.

I suspect that it's what Jesus wants for His birthday anyway.


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