My Grandmother died yesterday at 90 years of age.  Some thoughts…

1. She always called me Danny.  I guess lots of people did when I was a kid, but she never stopped.  When I called her, I had to say that it was ‘Danny’ calling or she wouldn’t have known who I was. 
2. When I was a kid, my favorite color was green.  I don’t think I ever chose it though.  I think Grandma chose it for me.  I think she liked green.
3. I remember going to visit her apartment.  She always had Polar ginger ale.  Always in a one liter bottle.  I think I might have avoided the other stuff in her fridge (I’ve always hated tuna), but man did I go for that ginger ale.

4. She never had a drivers license.  She didn’t own a car and she didn’t drive.  Except once – a long time ago.  She told me about it and I love that.

5. I admit that I teased her.  She would always ask me about the older people at my church.  I told her that I tease them too.  I don’t think that she believed me, but she should have.

6. Back to the driving thing: it was a long time until she let me drive her.  That was always my dad’s job.  I think she suspected that I maybe drove too fast and might have been dangerous behind the wheel.  I have no idea where she might have gotten that idea…