Sunday, March 30, 2014



I have been blogging now for six years.  In fact, LIFE MATTERS on Blogger was my very first venture into this dimension of internet publishing. For those blog alone I have posted 878 times.
Before entering the world of blogging, I published an email devotional called THRIVING IN CHRIST.
This was very popular, and was frequently forwarded to others, especially when I added a little social commentary to my scriptural reflections.  This devotional evolved into a blog by the same name, also on Blogger.  I do little devotional writing these days, so it is now published very infrequently.

I publish a number of other blogs, many tied to teaching, a number of which connect to my profession as a pastor,leadership developer, and church consultant.  These have occupied the bulk if my time this winter.  

This blog has always been my general interest blog, my ongoing dialogue with the culture on cultural and religious matters--and some trivial pursuits in both arenas. I have never professed to be a cultural expert, simply someone with an opinion and whose belief that our lives matter to God made the connection important.

The intensity of production of my professional blogs pushed this one to the end of my "to do" list.  Except for my semi-irreverent Steve's Digital Desk, I was spending very little time with the extraordinary stuff we find in ordinary daily living.

So it's time to come out of hibernation.  Hopefully after a few posts, you'll stop telling me to climb back into my cave.