Saturday, February 6, 2016



It's 6.16 Saturday night in southcentral Pennsylvania where I live.  24 hours and 14 minutes until the big game begins--the 50th Super Bowl.  From my perspective, two nicer teams couldn't be representing their respective conferences.  I have long been a fan of Peyton Manning since his Indianapolis Colt days.  Not only for is legendary on-field accomplishments but his equally admirable legacy as a man of benevolence towards the children of his community.  But Cam Newton has brought a delightful spirit to what has long been a struggling Carolina Panthers and his reputation of generosity to the fans, especially young ones. (It also helped the Cam made my fantasy football team a winner this year.)  Two class acts as far as I am concerned.

 With Manning injured much of the season, Denver struggled this season. Reeling off seven straight win, the Broncos lost four of their next seven.  But two victories at the end of the regular season, they held onto home field advantage and knocked off perennial playoff opponents-Pittsburgh and New England.

Newton and the Panthers ran off an incredible 15 straight wins before stumbling to the Atlanta Falcons in week 16, but regaining the momentum--winning their final regular season game against Tampa Bay.  Then they breezed throughout the NFC championships including a decisive win against he Arizona Cardinals.

Friday the kids in my history class (Koreans studying in the US) asked who would win.  I hedged.  The Broncos had the no. 1 team defense in the NFL and the Panthers no. 1 in NFL
in points scored per game.

Lately, like many I have watched the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as anything (and they have been very disappointing lately).  But this year, I am definitely it for THE GAME.

My unscientific, sentimental prediction - BRONCOS by 3.  (I really want to see Peyton appear again at the post-game pres conference with his son.)  But Cam WILL be a lot of fun to watch.