Sunday, February 12, 2017



I am greatly saddened today.We are a nation divided.  It has been true for some time, but the events of these first twenty days of Mr. Trump's presidency have simply reinforced that fact. Please note that I am not blaming him for the division.  He is simply carrying out the campaign promises that he made to the American public. In fact, I believe that if our nation were not so greatly divided, a man of his questionable character and personal arrogance would have never been elected to lead this great nation. Many people consider his actions ill-advised and extreme.  But many other Americans applaud his actions because they considered the actions of Mr. Obama to be ill-advised even demonic) and extreme.  One side pushed the pendulum to the far left.  Now people want to push the pendulum to the far right.  People who believe America needs to have a more centrist political philosophy are characterized as shallow, naive, and part of the "other" side.

More than 150 years, while leading a nation that was in a civil war (a shooting war) over its vastly conflicting values, Abraham Lincoln reminded his countrymen about a truth from the Truth, Jesus Christ: "...and if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." (Mark 3.25)

I am saddened that the voices who want to unite the nation are being ignored. I am saddened by the belief (including among many of my fellow evangelical Christians) that uniting the nation requires people to completely embrace our side conservative or liberal.  I am saddened that both sides selectively embrace the facts--almost as is they are saying, don't confuse me with the truth-- I might have to adjust my opinion.  I am saddened that each side has their own pet disenfranchised group whose rights need to be defended, even if it means ignoring or discounting the rights of other disenfranchised group.

The politics of unity is hard work.  It requires open-mindedness, courage, humility, other-centeredness, and a sense of true servanthood.  Is there anyone out there prepared to do that hard work.  Demonizing and verbally bludgeoning the other side on social media is much easier, and more satisfying to our sin nature--a nature Jesus came to came to free us from.

I am saddened today - and I am praying for the healing of my nation.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017



Facebook and the Internet has some pretty stupid things being posted.  Time for some more FACEBOOK PROPHETS.